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Sangsters Health Centre

Sangster's Health Centres is Canada's Longest Running Health and Vitamin Franchise with over 45 locations in Canada, specializing in sales of vitamins, mineral, herbal produces, sports nutrition, body care and wellness solutions.  To ensure a high quality product, Sangster's manufactures over 340 exclusive products in Canada exceeding the industry stantard. 

New to Sangsters - Balancing Elements

*We provide personalized healing methods that cater to an individual's precise needs.  Through our various services we bring harmony to all the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water within the body, promoting balance in and individual's body and life.*

RAINDROP THERAPY MASSAGE (90 minutes, $125):  A unique massage techinque targeted to relax and repair the central nervous system, while bringing clarity, deep relaxation and detoxification. With pure organic essential oils applied along the spine and over the entire body, many health beneifts are met with this healing massage.

HOT STONE MASSAGE (90 minutes, $115):  Acting as a deep tissue massage without the deep pressure pain, Hot Stone Massage improves circulation and eases muscle aches and tensions.  The heat from the basalt rocks transfers deep into the muscle tissue causing it to relax and release.
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (60 minutes, $85):  This massage uses essential oils to improve mood and alleviate pain by distributing the oils evenly and massaging full surfaces of the body.

REIKI (60 minutes, $85):  Harmonizing mind and spirit through light touch and energy balancing, Reiki brings renewal and vitality to the body, offering clearing of energy blockages and healing of deeply rooted emotional traumas and pain.

REFLEXOLOGY (60 minutes, $75):  Applying gentle pressure to the reflex points of the feet, hands and ears encourages the physical and energetic healing storages of the body to increase circulation and restore tissue in the corresponding areas associated with each reflex point.

EAR CANDLING (60 minutes, $75):  Ear Candling is the gentle and comfortable removal of impacted ear wax in the ear canal resulting in improved hearing and equilibrium.  It is also known to aid in clearing sinses and may prevent future ear and sinus infections.  Also beneficial after a flight, for allergies, or colds.

ASTROLOGY (60 minutes, $70):  As astrological birth chart reading can shed much needed light on the ways of the personality and of all elements involved in a person's life; relationships, finances, home & family life, emotional needs, fear...etc.

IRIDOLOGY (30 minutes, $45): The iris reveals a map of your internal and external physical conditions, predispositions, and emotional traits & states.  Knowing the outline of your physical and emotional body can greatly inhance your health as you become more aware of the best ways to care for your physical and emotional realms.

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